YWAM United Athens Outreach 2018

Join us: January 15th– February 2nd

Most refugees in Greece are from war-torn nations like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia.
These nations are all on the Open Doors World Watch List, which is a ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith.

These nations are labeled “closed” to the Gospel.

But, now, hundreds of thousands of these individuals
are seeking refuge in a nation OPEN to the Gospel —
perhaps one of the greatest missions opportunities
we’ve ever seen for unreached people groups.

YWAM United’s Outreach to Greece will provide opportunities for evangelism, mercy ministry and training. Join us, as we are hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting people, forever changing the lives of those who have fled their homes in fear of death.

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What To Expect

  1. We are all staying near the Larissa Train Station. There are two housing options: a hotel and Airbnb’s (see below.) Families with kids are invited. You are free to find other forms of housing in this area if you choose to do so.
  2. Daily schedule: worship and intercession in the morning followed by various ministry opportunities in Athens targeting Syrian refugees.
  3. Meals will be coordinated by your individual team. If you rent an apartment through Airbnb, you will have a kitchen to cook your own meals.
  4. Each team will take care of their own budget and pay directly to the hotel or Airbnb host.
  5. You will manage your outreach team’s transportation and debriefing, outside of our normal daily schedule.
  6. We will share ongoing information by email for different expenses including pricing for room and board, transportation, airport transfers and other costs.
  7. We plan to partner with what God is already doing there through the local church, other ministries and YWAM initiatives. Our dream is to plant a long term team in Athens. 

Who to Bring

  • Your DTS

  • Staff Teams

  • Mission Builders

  • Your Leadership Team

  • Your Family


Reserve Your Housing


This will be the cheaper housing options. Depending on the size of your team you’ll be paying 10-14 euro a day for this housing option. The upside to this is you get your own kitchen so you can cut down on your food costs by shopping and cooking for yourself.

Airbnb.com has a lot of apartments available in the general vicinity of where YWAM United will be having daily worship, meetings, prayer, etc…
Simply go to Airbnb.com, search “Larissa Train Station Athens Greece” and you’ll find many options to host teams from 4 to 16+ people.

Airbnb.com: YWAM United Locations

Sign up your team or YWAM location

Pay Registration Fee

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